Discovering Calgary's Historic Treasures


Discovering Calgary’s Secrets has never been more tantalizing! Embark on an Adventure through Calgary’s River Valley and Downtown Area. Our knowledgeable Tour Guides make exploring Calgary an excellent learning experience. As you acquire an awareness about the city’s shopping and dining experiences you’ll find our Tour Guides know all the best spots. We can even show you how you can get around Downtown for free!




Calgary was built on the edge of the frontier and much of the city still reflects its breathtaking history. Its downtown is mixed with beautiful, old, historic buildings as well as some of the most cutting edge architecture. The Stephen Avenue Mall is absolutely sublime. It’s open only to pedestrians from 6am until 6pm making for a truly unique shopping experience. Your Tour Guide will tell you all about the History of Calgary’s settlers as you explore the Bow River Pathway. We’ll take you by the historic Saw Mill and where Canada celebrated our athletes after the 1988 Winter Olympics!