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A job well done! Time to head inside for a delicious Pinocchio Ice Cream!

Kidz Segway Spin

With a River Valley Adventure Kidz Segway Spin, kids of all ages can experience the fun of gliding around on a Segway PT!

This 30 minute spin is specially designed for Adventurers under 14 years old who are not eligible yet to ride on our Segway Tours. They'll get the training to learn how to ride a Segway PT safely and test their new skills with an obstacle course! At the end of the spin, they will be the proud recipient of a Segway Learner's Permit!

Adults are welcome to accompany their child on the Kidz Spin, but are not required. The child participating however must have a waiver signed by a parent/guardian.

All riders must be over 60lbs.

Kidz Spin: $30.00 + Tax